3 business uitdagingen voor 2023


Business challenge 1 for 2023:  We are moving more to a world of brand & consumer paradoxes and that is a major challenge for companies/brands ==> interesting insights from Pamela Danziger's contribution in the following link.

Business challenge 2 for 2023:  Metaverse in motion. Meta that takes over the company Luxexcel from Turnhout (specialized in 3D printing technology for complex spectacle lenses). Multiple fashion brands investing in digital avatars, NFTs, games, etc. Is all this more than a hype? Anyway "challenging" from a multidisciplinary perspective. See interesting article

Business challenge 3 for 2023:  Resilience, flexibility, ... you name it! Fact is that Covid-19, inflation, ... have made companies/brands aware that they should be ready to deal with environmental changes/instability.

Because what is the new normal for companies and consumers and what will be the new normal beyond?

In this context read the following interesting contribution.